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Mission Statement of the Plattekill Fire Department

It is the Mission of the Plattekill Fire Department to promote a safe environment for all areas of the Plattekill Fire District through a safe well trained unit and in responding to all fire emergencies, medical emergencies, Non-emergency public service incidents and district wide incidents to the townspeople and taxpayers of Plattekill NY.

With this mission, the Plattekill Fire Department has four goals:

1. To reduce the frequency and severity of emergencies through prevention and education.

2. To minimize suffering, loss of life, property loss, stability from severe medical incidents and all incidents through a well trained response program.

3. To ensure preparedness through training and district wide education.

4. To provide the resources and support necessary for the Plattekill Fire Department to successfully accomplish this mission in the safest and most effective way possible.


Chief Officers

Chief Ralph Davis
Car 47, Car 1
1st Assistant Chief
Robert Betanzos;
Car 47-1, Car 2
2nd Assistant Chief
Christopher Mancuso
Car 47-2, Car 3

Line Officers

Captain Station #1
Jason Meyer
Car 47-3, Car 4
Captain Station #2
Pasquale “PJ” Degiorgio
Car 47-4; Car 5
1st LT, Station #2
Brian Stafford
Car 47-5; Car 6
3rd LT, Station #2
Chris Northrop
Car 47-6; Car 7
3rd LT, Station #1
John Papo
Car 47-7; Car 8
4th LT, Station #1
Michael Adduce
Car 47-9
EMS Captain
John Thomas Kopaskie,
Car 47-A, EMS 1
EMS Lieutenant
Lisa Kovacs,
Car 47-B, EMS 2
EMS Lieutenant
Lynn Wagner
Car 47-C, EMS 3
EMS Lieutenant
Mike Donnelly
Car 47-D, EMS 4
Fire Police Captain
John Laskowsky
Fire Police Lieutenant
Mike Putnam
Fire Police Lieutenant
Antonio “Tony” Cepeda
Safety Officer
Charles “Chip” Trojahn
Safety Officer
James Burriss
Safety Officer EMS
Judy Mayle
Safety Officer 
Glenn Daniels

Company Officers

President James Hoppenstedt
Vice President Charles Trojahn
Financial Secretary John Sisti
Recording Secretary Andrew Hertel
Treasurer Mark Best Hall
SGT at Arms Pasqual DeGiorgio
Trustee Dale Long
Trustee Keith Way
Trustee Russ Wellmon
Trustee Judy Mayle
Trustee Raul Correa


 Calls for Service 2010

 441 - EMS Alarms
 63 - Outdoor Electrical
 51 - PIAA’s
 39 - Mutual Aid Request
 28 - Automatic Alarms
 25 - Structure Fires
 21 - Public Service
 18 - Investigations
 10 - CO Alarms
 8 - Brush Fires
 8 - Control Burn
 5 - Vehicle Fire
 4 - HAZMAT Incidents
 1 - Furnace Malfunction
 1 - Mattress Fire

  723 Total Alarms

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