Community Alert System

Below is a link to the new "Community Alert System". The purpose of this system is as a public service public address system. This is non-firematic. It costs you nothing, other than the text message charge you incur from your cell phone company.

The info you receive if you choose “Priority 1” will include major alerts such as:

Local Terrorist Attacks (Domestic or Foreign)
Major Weather Alerts (as issued by the NWS for Orange & Ulster County)
Major or Long Term Road Closings
Flood Warnings

School Closings (Only early closings. There will be a link on our home page for normal all-day School Closings and Weather)
“Priority 2” alerts will include all of the above and such things as:

Fire Safety Reminders (changing Smoke/CO Detector Batteries, Chimney Cleaning, etc.)
Public Events (Pancake Breakfasts, Heritage Days, Fireworks, etc.)
Any other public activity deemed appropriate to send via this system.

As stated previously, these are not necessarily related to the Plattekill Fire Rescue Department, but they will be controlled by our members. We suggest you sign up any member of your family that drives, for at least the Priority 1.

Please alert any family member or friend that resides within the Fire District Limits or travels through our district on a regular basis. The Chief’s will have the ability to transmit road closures from our cell phones on scene.

We want to make it perfectly clear that there will NOT be an abuse of this system. You will only get text messages of significant importance. If traffic is moving slowly or stopped briefly, you will not get a message. We will use a timeframe of 30 minutes as a guide, if the highway will be completely shut in excess of 30 minutes you will get a text message to that fact.


 Calls for Service 2010

 441 - EMS Alarms
 63 - Outdoor Electrical
 51 - PIAA’s
 39 - Mutual Aid Request
 28 - Automatic Alarms
 25 - Structure Fires
 21 - Public Service
 18 - Investigations
 10 - CO Alarms
 8 - Brush Fires
 8 - Control Burn
 5 - Vehicle Fire
 4 - HAZMAT Incidents
 1 - Furnace Malfunction
 1 - Mattress Fire

  723 Total Alarms

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